Gentleman's Guide

It is important to take three considerations into account when purchasing lingerie for your signifcant other. These are size, style and personality. Every man should put thought into these three little details when making this intimate gesture.

A ladies lingerie drawer is the best place to find an idication of size; there may be a range, so take an average. If she has mostly medium knickers, then this is what you should purchase. If you're unable to confirm her bra size, she'll be equally as enthused by the gift of luxury nightwear.

You will be the person who sees your special someone in her lingerie the most, next time you do, pay attention. Does she wear thongs, or knickers? Maybe she's partial to lounging in some silky lovelies. Whichever style she favors, it is advisable to choose options that are the same or similar. She will glow with confidance in lingerie or nightwear she feels comfortable in, making the purchase even more special for you both.